A Heart Psalm

When I can feel that deep inside
My heart is breaking and wants to die
When its forgotten what water is
‘Cause thirst seems all that truly is
When hope’s not lost but given up
And joy is drowned in sorrow’s cup…

There is where You find me
Here is where You breathe on me
And I begin to live again

So many times I’ve been here
On the edge of giving up
But what is life without You
What other life is true

I know that I’m Your princess
And You have birthed my dreams
And I know that someday soon
Your breath will give them wings

I know that You’re my treasure
I know that You’re my King
I know that whatever comes
It’s Your song my heart will sing

I would not think of leaving
Where else would I go
Who has been my Savior
Who’s the One I know

You know that I am dust
In the scope of all Your works
And yet You love and care for me
And seek to mend my hurts

In the midst of battles raging
You are my shining star
I’ll be your warrior maiden
And I’ll remember who You are

My King, my Love, You save me
You hold me near Your heart
I pledge again to love You
I trust You with my heart


~ by Shannon on January 3, 2009.

One Response to “A Heart Psalm”

  1. Amazing Shannon. I got chills when I read this.

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