A New Year, A New Day

You know how it is when you go back to a place you once lived – where you grew up or went to college or something – and a part of you still feels connected yet it’s also different too? A part of your soul sings “I am home!” and at the same time it feels the empty longing of what was, of what isn’t in the place you are now…

I had a wonderful trip home (the beautiful state of Colorado) and apart from getting the flu (think throwing up all night to the point that there is literally NOTHING left to throw up, and then keep it up for a few more hours – I thought I was going to die!) it was a really good trip. I didn’t get my white Christmas, but it was that beautiful crisp Colorado weather with bright blue skys and sunshine glistening as the wind blows. I of course am now a wimpy Californian who had to take thermal undergarments and sat by the fire the whole time, but no matter :).

So as I thought of what I would like to write for this new year I was reminded of something I wrote several years ago and keep in my Bible. It’s a daily confession of truths that I need to be reminded of more often than I would like. There is such power in the spoken word  – both to encourage our own spirits and to create things. The more we think and especially say a thing, the more it becomes reality to us. so I thought I’d share my own confession of truths that have become reality to me. I have borrowed some phrases and ideas from some of my favorite authors, so in the spirit of giving everyone their proper credit…thank you John Eldgredge, Dutch Sheets, and others. Maybe it will inspire you to create your own personal prayer or confession for the new year or you can feel free to adopt or adapt mine. Happy 2009 – may all your dreams come true!

Daily Confession

I choose to see the beauty in life even when it’s not beautiful… I choose to believe the truth of the heavenly reality even when earthly circumstances are screaming at me. I am learning and able to apply truth. I will be one to know what it takes and do it. I choose to truly live. I choose to experience everything my Father has given me to enjoy in this life. I pursue falling radically, passionately in love with my heavenly Bridegroom, and I know I will be swept off my feet by God’s gift of perfection for me – my husband.

I choose to learn and grow and be more than I am right now. I choose to embrace every opportunity the Father puts before me. I choose to live within my boundaries and not extend myself too thin. I choose to live a life that counts. I choose to be responsible for my life and the choices I make. I realize that no one can change my life but me.

I affirm that I have a heavenly Bridegroom, Jesus, who’s calling to me and beckoning me to join Him on the journey of love everyday. I rejoice that I am loved fully and completely in this very moment, just as I am. I receive this love and affirm that I have never been loved like this, that I was made for this kind of love and no one other than my Lord can give it to me. The hole in my heart, the need deep inside me, the ache that nothing else can fill, is made only for my Lover and my Father. I choose to look nowhere else for its fulfillment.

I accept that I am a daughter of the King, royalty, a princess. I am the Beloved – the bride of Christ. I am His; He chose me. He pursued me beyond the limits of time and space to save and ransom and woo me with His love. There where I thought to escape Him I ran straight into His arms.  I can never out-give this kind of love. I can never reciprocate it. I can only receive it and say yes, You are the one who’s made it possible for me to love You back. You cut covenant and pledged Yourself to both sides of the deal – knowing I would never be able to uphold it on my own. That is the measure of Your resolve to love me and be in relationship with me. There is nothing I can do to take away Your love. There is nothing I can do to further my cause. I am not responsible for this love; You are. I choose to surrender offering up my own works of righteousness as qualifications for Your love. My hope is in You and Your determination to save me, and You will not give up.

I am Yours – all of me. My body is Your temple; it is holy and beautiful. My soul is Your creation; it is governed by Your Spirit. My spirit is the eternal essence of who I am; it is Your breath inside of me. You really are in me and I in You because it is Your breath that gave life to this body and function to my mind, will and emotions. I am Yours; I am created in Your image. I am Your image-bearer – everywhere, in everything I re-present You to the world. I choose to reflect Your light in my countenance. I choose to sparkle with the radiance of You. I choose to be the fragrant aroma of Your love everywhere I go.
I accept Your plan for me and the current season You have me in. I know that I am perfectly in place – I am not early or late, and in this season You are doing an essential work in my life that could not have been completed without it. So I choose to rejoice at this place on the journey knowing that it is Your love that has brought me here, and it is Your love that will lead me on. Everything in life is about the Romance. I choose to look for the Romance even amidst the arrows. I know I will find myself in You, and all my longings will find their fulfillment in You. For You are the sum of perfection; You are larger than life; You are everything.

In all my wanderings I have found this to be true: You are always holding me, even when I can’t feel You. You have a best that is exceedingly, abundantly beyond any good that I could choose. Yours are the words of truth and circumstances lie. So I will choose this day to trust You – wholly and completely abandoned, not as my “in case of emergency” plan, but as my only plan – where if You were not to show up, I would die. That is how confident I choose to be in Your love and Your determination to save me. You are everything, and You will come through. So I give myself wholly abandoned to You!


~ by Shannon on January 3, 2009.

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