Careers and Other Such Nonsense

So I’ve decided that careers are overrated. Let me explain.

Starting back in high school I began reading all the books on dating/waiting/singleness that the Christian bookstore stocked. I kind of consider myself a bit of an expert because I have now read so many 🙂 So one of the themes you see pop up throughout them is the idea of making the most of your season of singleness, and let me state that I completely agree with that! People (especially girls) who just “sit around” doing nothing with their life while waiting to meet Mr. Right make me want to gag…I mean, seriously?!

So since graduating high school I have been quite purposeful about living a fulfilled single life: I spent a year in a discipleship program. Worked at my church for 3 years and during that time started volunteering on our youth staff. Started working for my mom and her friend/ Mary Kay director as their personal assistants while trying out doing Mary Kay myself. I did a semester at college before deciding that college didn’t offer a major I was interested in. Then I helped start a discipleship program at my church for a year – and all this time I have been on youth staff (with the exception of maybe a year- if that) and coordinating dance at my church. Then I moved out to Cali and went to school for 2 years and got my degree in fashion design (Which was like the funnest schooling I’ve ever done! (How is that for a valley-girl sentence?)). While in school I of course had a job to support myself, and since graduating I’ve kept that job and gotten an entry-level job in my field. Meanwhile I have no life.

Wasn’t the point of making the most of your single years to really enjoy them, grow in character and do great things for the Kingdom? Well I seem to have gotten so busy being busy that I am no longer really living. So I’m doing something kind of radical (at least from a worldly standpoint) – I’m quitting my entry-level job. It occurred to me when I was driving to work a few weeks ago hoping that I would get into an accident, so I wouldn’t have to be there – that there is something seriously wrong with this picture! Hence quitting my job. Not the brightest idea as far as career paths are concerned, but I make so little money here that there is no way I could quit my serving job and just make it on this one. Plus I got to thinking… God is all about relationships; He is relational and created us to live in relationship with Him and each other. And if I have no time for relationships in my life, then it’s no wonder I’m miserable!

Which is why I’ve decided to make time in my life to maintain the relationships I have and build some desperately needed new ones here in Cali. I have also realized  – wait for it… – that in order to get married most people date each other first. I know – you’re shocked at how profound I am! So I’m making some time in my schedule for potential dates. I’ve gotten so good at filling my single time that I no longer have time not to be single. (Does that sentence even make any sense?)

Hence putting in my two weeks notice today. So I’m not really sure what I’m doing now, but I’m ok with that. I know God has a plan, and I know He’ll show me what it is when I need to know. But for now I’m just taking this step and seeing what doors open. Who knows I could be doing ANYTHING, ANYWHERE – that is one good thing about being single :).


~ by Shannon on January 5, 2009.

One Response to “Careers and Other Such Nonsense”

  1. Ok, so, It’s been 2 weeks! Know what you’re doing next? And yes, that is definitely one good thing about being single…you can go anywhere, do anything!! Blake and I are trying to work on that one… 😉

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