The “Little” God Things

I have recently been in this season of reevaluating my life, who I’m becoming, what I want to do, etc. And while I don’t have any clear answers yet it has been so good of the Lord to give me a few encouraging signs that He is totally here with me and won’t leave me to my own devices. Because, let’s face it, if left to myself I’d totally screw my life up :)! Thank goodness Daddy hears those prayers of passionate devotion we pray in the moment (full of sincerity by the way, but often lacking true understanding of what they imply). For example, I was reading a journal entry from about a year ago, and I was complaining about feeling invisible when it comes to guys (I know; you’re shocked that I would be complaining about that!). I said “It’s like I have this invisible shield around me. And I hear the voice in the back of my head saying, ‘Well, duh. It’s called prayer – something you’ve asked for and others pray for you continually: to be kept for your husband.'” Funny how God answers those prayers, and then we complain or freak out when He does….hmmm.

I’ve recently had two rather profound God moments that have reminded me of His presence in my life and the fact that I’m not walking through this alone. The first was a couple months back. I was talking to one of the guys I work with, and now to get proper perspective I must tell you that he is the type of guy who always presents himself as a total player. But on this particular evening we were sharing about people we liked and really having a heart-t0-heart. He totally spoke some truth to me (that I knew but wasn’t really choosing to believe) about this guy I liked not being ready for me and me being too good for him. Totally sweet, right? But then later on in the evening when he was leaving, I thanked him for our talk and as we hugged good-bye he quietly said, “Don’t just give it away. What you have is special.” It was like God was speaking directly to my heart through him. It was such a profound moment that I actually teared up as he walked away.

It was like Daddy was really driving the truth home in a new way. Because it’s not like I haven’t heard that before – I have, lots of times, mostly from my girl friends, pastors, leaders. Never from a guy who’s totally not saved and living a lifestyle very contradictory to what I believe in. I don’t even think he knew what he was really saying to me. It was such a God thing!

Then, just this past weekend, I was at my connect group (small group of girls from church that pray and study the Word together) and we were praying for each other. I had started praying for one of the girls’ sister who is engaged to this really controlling guy and really in danger from the situation. The anointing was really strong on it, and there was an authority to my prayer because of some of the things I’ve walked through in my past. After that kind of passed Jen, our group leader, prayed for me – and mind you I hadn’t asked for prayer. And basically she prayed everything that I’ve been going through – she read my mail. Afterward she said she just felt so strongly that I needed to be reminded that there is a reason I’m here, in LA, in her connect group, and that I’m not alone. It was so good!! I felt God saying, “See, I’m still here, and I know everything you’re going through. Don’t give up!”

I’m so grateful that Daddy speaks to us even when we’re not expecting it. I’m grateful for the “little” things.


~ by Shannon on January 26, 2009.

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