Silly Boys, Tricks Are For Kids

So funny thing….I was driving to work on the 10, in rather heavy traffic the other day, and I slow down next to this green truck with 4 guys yelling and hanging out the window. I normally don’t pay any attention to such antics because you know they’re just looking for a reaction. But they were so boisterous I couldn’t help it. When I did I saw their cardboard sign that said “You’re Hot!”. As my lane started moving again I just died laughing! Boys are so weird! I mean, seriously? Am I going to be so overwhelmed my your “romantic” gesture that I toss my card out the window to you? Or perhaps I quickly craft my own sign and we’ll have a conversation. Anyway they made me laugh.

Then last night I’m cocktailing at work, and I’ve served this guy a second jack-and-coke. When I pick up his drink from the cocktail napkin I notice he’s written his number on it. Again, seriously! Dude if you don’t have the guts to actually ask me out why would I even consider dating you? Come on now, pluck up some self respect and take a risk!

I don’t get boys, but they do make me laugh!


~ by Shannon on February 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Silly Boys, Tricks Are For Kids”

  1. I gotta say that there are times when all we want to do is make you laugh (or make your day). I am guilty of doing such antics as the guys in the first story. It’s not to get a date, but just make someones day. Sounds like it made yours … confusing. Sorry ’bout that.

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