Another V Day Passed

So in the past Valentines Day has been a rather depressing day, as it is for most single people. More so for those of us who love all the romantic stuff though. I actually have the same fantasy every year- that some wonderful secret admirer will send me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers at work, and everyone will be like ‘who are they from?’ And it will be this grand romantic gesture that leads to the eventual unveiling of said admirer and we fall in love and live happily ever after. I mentioned that I was a romantic, didn’t I?

But this year I wasn’t actually sad at all. I kind of keep waiting for it to hit and so far it hasn’t. I actually made miniature strawberry cupcakes (from scratch) for everyone at work. It was quite fun. I used a dozen eggs and 3 cups of butter! Yeah they were amazing.

I don’t really know what made this year different. I think maybe it’s that I’ve given up. Not given up in the sense that I’ve given up hope I’ll ever get married but given up worrying about it. I mean it’s gonna happen when it happens, right? I do have these momentary freak outs where I wonder if I’ve missed it or I’m in the wrong place or not doing the right thing…but reason returns, and I remember that God is so much bigger than all of that, and He will make sure we meet and come into each others lives at the right time.

I think it also really helps that I’m pursuing something I’m excited about – writing. And it helped that I made great money off all the happy couples :). So another V Day comes and goes and we’re all ok. I’m ok. You’re ok. It’s all good…maybe I’ll get my romantic fantasy next year!


~ by Shannon on February 16, 2009.

One Response to “Another V Day Passed”

  1. very glad you did not have a sad day. mine involved being sick and having my car battery die…twice 🙂 But still…not a sad day.

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