Morality In Our Generation

Some of you probably heard about the girl from San Diego, 24 years old I think, who was auctioning off her virginity a couple months ago. She got bids for a reported 3.7 million. Her reasoning was to get money to pay for her masters degree. She actually got the idea from her sister who prostituted herself for 3 weeks to pay for her schooling. Contrast that with the Jonas brothers. I was watching a Barbara Walters special after the Oscars, where she asked them about the purity rings they all wore. Here you have 3 young men (16, 19 and 21) in the full spotlight of celebrity choosing to save themselves for marriage. I must say that I was shocked by both cases. Morality in our generation has become such a grey area of “whatever works for you” that it’s shocking (unfortunately) to see a stand for godliness at all, let alone in young celebrity guys. On the other hand even though we do live in a society that is shocked to find young people saving themselves for marriage, it was so sad to hear that a young woman would auction off her virginity. It reminded me of Memoirs of a Geisha.

And then you have this epidemic of Christian young people who after having been married and having kids suddenly decide they want to be single again and begin living a lifestyle that ultimately ends in divorce. I’ve seen it in several of my friends, and each time it’s like, what the heck?! Totally out of the blue. Continuing on you see so many church-attending, professing Christian young adults that have no problem having sex before marriage. There’s a girl who attends the church I was going to out here, and she is dating one of the guys I work with. He’s not saved, although he’s been attending church with her pretty regularly since they started going out. She was raised a PK, is on the welcome team at church and very committed. Yet she has no qualms about having premarital sex. It’s not shocking to me that this would happen – it’s shocking to me that there isn’t a struggle over whether or not it’s right. Now in all fairness I don’t know what’s going on her mind, but she is hardly the only one.

I started thinking about what makes it different – why am I and my circle of friends different? And it’s love. Even with a really strong drive to do the right thing, one will usually only obey the rules, for the rules sake,  for so long. You get to a point of frustration, anger or desperation and if all you have is a desire to do the right thing you’re going to fail. Which so many do. And because we all hate failure, many just stop trying altogether. What makes the difference, I think, is a love relationship. When you love someone you want to please them. You want to make them happy. You avoid doing things that will put distance between you. You may even give up some things you enjoy because they don’t like them and won’t participate in them with you. And when it’s really love, you don’t mind the sacrifice. You wouldn’t really think of living another way because you want to stay close to them.

I think that’s what’s missing in the bulk of our generation. Most of them know about God, they have attended/do attend church, they know some of the right things to do, but there’s no love relationship there. It’s not even really enough to just get people to realize they need a Savior – although that is awesome when that happens. If we want to see cultural change, we have to show people how to fall in love with Jesus.

I mean for me right now, that is the only thing holding me together. Because this whole thought got started when I asked myself the question, why don’t I just make out with random guys or just go get anyone for a boyfriend? And while yes, I believe the way I live my life is right according to God, and I like doing the right thing – I am way past the point of doing things just because they’re right. What’s holding me to the course is love…and destiny. Love because no matter how lonely, how melancholy, how seemingly unjust I feel life is – I couldn’t think of walking through it without knowing that my Daddy loves me and has a plan for my good. I couldn’t think of doing something that would put more distance between us, because when the temporary pleasure is past what would I hold on to? And destiny because I know that every choice I make has a weight of responsibility and results that affect not only my life, but countless other lives, so I could not dream of doing something that would knowingly jeopardize that. Though I do have my moments of consideration.

So it seems to me that what our generation needs is to encounter the passionate love of God for them and to rendez-vous with the destiny He has prepared for them, because that makes all the difference in how we live our lives. I want to be a part of helping them find that – even as I continue to find it for myself.


~ by Shannon on April 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Morality In Our Generation”

  1. Very well written, You’ve got it right!!

  2. Thoughts from a friend in response:

    Purity in our generation… We live in an instant gratification world. that has been created by generations before us, but is in the process of getting perfected by our generation. Fast food for instant. you’re hungry drive 2 blocks in any populated area and you can have everything from American, Mexican, Italian, and in a lot of cases Chinese too. cell phones… remember when they came in a box? that sat in the trunk? and it cost like 2 dollars a min to use? then they only worked in some places, you had analog and digital coverage… you had to pay extra other wise you got “roaming” on your bill that was 10pages long? now you can get a cell phone that is as small as a highlighter… you can get not only txt on it and calling anywhere in the U.S. but now you can even get Instant messaging. You can’t wait… you have to talk to that person right now. Our generation has no… NONE concept on anticipation. there is no thrill in waiting. when my grandparents “dated” and i use that loosely… they wrote letters. They had to wait. in waiting your mind processes things differently then if you just react. Waiting to have sex was part of what you did… don’t get me wrong you could be “one of those guys” who goes and pays for it… but for the most part christian or not they waited. There was another thing called respect… Have you ever noticed that people will talk more smack over the phone then they will to your face? that is where back stabbing comes into play. people arn’t willing to say what they want to cause of fear that you might just reach out and punch them in the nose. but over the phone… they will tell you anything they want… and over text its even worse! So looking at all the facts… we have created this ourselves and its just going to get worse and worse…. everything in our country is fast. American home make over… They build a house in a week! A WEEK! sooo take all the worldly factors in to everything and you have this… You don’t need to wait. You can gratify and satisfy in the matter of how fast you think it. As far as the definition of wrong and right… well that gets defined by the law and those things keep changing too… so where do you draw the line? why not? You want to get laid… but you don’t want anyone to “know” jump on craigslist… you can scoll down thru pages of girls and for the price of a good date get the only thing on your mind anyways. just speed up the process. “what does the bible say?” who cares the books out dated. and waiting for marriage isn’t something that is law… it was custom. it was Custom to open up doors for a lady. it was custom to refer to someone as a lady. it was custom to get cleaned up and put on clean clothes before you went out with a lady. it was custom that if someone said something off color about your lady you stood up at whatever cost and you defended her honor. not cause you had to, but you had that much respect for her… and yourself. it was custom that you would ask her father to marry her. it was custom that things that happened in the bedroom were private…

    Now in the high paced world that we live in lets look at what custom is… Its custom that you split the bill, if you pay she is “required” for something in return. it is custom to call her, your boo, that bitch, babe, hot piece of ass, the girl you are tappin, or just plain girl. its custom now that your girl gets in the car herself… if you have one that you even own otherwise she might have to come get you. if you do get in my ride… you better not be dragging dirt in it… and if ol boy pops off lip bout your girl, you have to get rid of her cause you can’t be seen with your friends with that now. it is custom that you are sleeping with her by the end of the second week AT THE LATEST and you should be messing around by the end of the 1st date if you paid the tab. then it is custom to get a prenup signed before you are willing to marry her… Its custom to propose way before you even think to meet her parents and then tell her that they are retarded when they have “concerns” Its custom that you whip out this little cell phone you have and you sneak pictures and show then to your friends and let it get TXT’d all over the place. If it didn’t already make it to You Tube.

    Shannon… I can tell you i was a PK. and i spent some time running from God where I chased women and booze and that was the only thing i ever looked forward too. I was mad at God. I was Mad at situations i kept getting myself into. I was Mad at God because i had to experience heart break. I was Mad at God for leaving me out to dry. I was Mad at God that i had to learn lessons that i didn’t think i should have had to learn at such a young age. Even when i was running from God i had such a sense of guilt when it came to not being pure. every time. When i turned my life around i turned it all the way around… the hardest part is fighting off temptation… its a struggle on a daily basis… anybody that tells otherwise is full of shit. one thing i do know is by God’s Grace i will make thru today. and tomorrow I will need just as much if not more grace then i did today. I have chosen purity the second time around (as stupid and lame as that sounds) but its the truth. I didn’t notice how hard it was until i chose that path… but i did… and i’m going to make it.

    hold fast your course… tempatation with come like a storm… it will come fast and it will come with all the fury it can, but you know staying tied to a ship called Jesus you can make it through the storm to sunny sky’s again….

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