Someday I will say with conviction
It was all worth it
All of the waiting, and all of the tears
All of the dreaming, through all of the years

Someday ever after will begin
It will be perfect
So much better than anything I’ve dreamed
So much stronger because we believed

Someday I’ll know the reasons why
I’ll see it in hindsight
The why to my questions, my hopes, my fears
The why to the waiting, the losses, the tears

Someday this will all be a dream
An echo of life in the distant past
As real as it’s now, it will fail to compare
As real takes new meaning and glory we share

Someday I won’t feel so alone
Like I’m the one-only here
I’ll be held, I’ll be loved
I’ll be protected, adored

Someday there’ll be beauty for ashes
A garland of praise
No more dream weeping, no more sad days
No more resentment or doubting His ways

Someday…will be today



~ by Shannon on June 3, 2009.

One Response to “Someday”

  1. wow that is awesome… i love it.

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