It’s A Love Story – Part 1

The Beginning

So I started this blog just under a year ago… I started it to help me make sense of my love life and interject some much needed humor to my perspective. But now the tide is turning – well let’s be honest, the tide has turned am I being completely swept away…

This actually all started about 5 ½ years ago.  I was visiting my friend Brooke over Valentines Day weekend, having just broken up with a guy I thought I was going to marry. Suffice it to say it wasn’t the best of times. It wasn’t anything particularly monumental, at least for me, but I did get introduced to a young man she went to church with named Joel. Brooke was a student in the Master’s Commission (a one-year Christian discipleship program for young adults) at the time and had requested some time off for me visit. As Joel was on staff, she had explained to him briefly that I was going through a rough time and had just gotten out of a relationship, and she needed to spend some time with me. So I met Joel at church, and thought he seemed very kind and sweet, but that was it. Later that visit Brooke came home with a valentine Joel had made for me – I remember I kept it for awhile because it was just so sweet that a perfect stranger would do that for me. In his words I was cute and sad, so he thought why not?

Fast forward a year and a half. I’m working for Master’s Commission at my church and we are doing fund raising working at Microsoft conferences. At these events we see a lot of people from various MC programs, and get to work with them and build friendships, etc. It was at the end of one such event that Joel and I saw each other during tear down. And we were both like, “I know you – you’re Brooke’s friend.” So we reconnected. Over the course of several conferences we got to hang out a bit and get to know each other better. When we were in Florida we actually had a whole day off where he, my friend Breanna,  and I all hung out together. I thought he was soo sweet, such a gentleman and totally fun, but I wasn’t romantically interested. Now that I think back on it I think Brea might have even mentioned at the end of the day, “I think Joel likes you” and I was like “Yeah, maybe, but he’s too short”. (He’s 5′ 7-8”, which is still taller than me as long as I’m not in super high heels)

Over the next 2 years we may have exchanged a random “hey how are you?” text message, but not much.

Last summer I got on Facebook (I was stubbornly refusing to join the trend and for good reason, as previously blogged I’m now a FB addict!) and we reconnected again – pretty much normal stuff, occasional comments, etc. Then on my birthday in May this past year, Joel actually called and left me a birthday message (I missed the call), but it was just so unexpected and surprisingly delightful. After that we began texting a bit more and still chatting on FB some. And then a couple weeks ago I got a text from him for the first time in maybe a month or so just saying, “hey Shannon I’m shooting a wedding and one of the girls here really reminds me of you, so I thought I’d say hi and see how you are”. And when I got that text I just lit up and was all excited; I replied back, we maybe exchanged a few more texts, but then for like 3 days I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Then it hit me that for awhile now I always get excited when I hear from Joel, and I began to wonder, “Hmm, I wonder if there’s something there”.

So I texted Brooke and asked her what she thought of the maybe possibility of Joel and I ever getting together, and she said she always thought we would be a good fit, but she had never said anything because of how short he was. Well basically over that week we texted some more, and I just realized I was very open to the possibility. In one conversation we joked about getting together for dinner to talk face to face, and I told him I already had a plan worked out where I’d swing by for visit when I went to see my friend Teresa in Chicago. He replied with, “ok now I don’t feel like such a dork for checking ticket prices to LA last week”. At this point he was just really honest and said, “To be honest I’ve always wondered if there was the potential for something between us,” to which I was like, “I’ve been wondering that too”.

So at that point he called me a few days later, and we talked for the first time on the phone. Over that week we talked almost every night and were both just really honest with each other that we didn’t know whether this could be more than a friendship, but we’d like to deepen our friendship and see. During that week I had several freak out moments. I would have these moments of panic where I wasn’t sure that this was a good idea because what if when we did see each other there wasn’t any chemistry or spark, and I just couldn’t bear the thought of hurting him like that. I was just really honest with the Lord and came face to face with the reality that in this particular area of my life I felt like I’d had a breach of trust with Him, and I was scared – scared to take a risk, scared to get hurt, scared to hurt Joel. And not only that, but I didn’t trust myself. I had gotten myself into serious relationships before that turned out to be all wrong, and who’s to say I wouldn’t do it again? But in the gentle yet authoritative way that only the Father can speak, He told me it’s ok to take a risk, that it’s ok to trust Him and, furthermore, that He trusted me, and He trusted Joel. I needed to hear that…I needed to hear that several times.

The next week I was vacationing in Jamaica, and we emailed every day and started asking each other the deeper questions about values, goals, dreams, family, etc. And every time he responded to a question mine, or his own, I could feel my heart breathing a sigh of relief. It was exactly what I would have wanted to hear if I could have planned it – not saying that there weren’t areas we were not in perfect agreement on, but a general harmony was prevalent. Joel spoke the language of my heart. And I began to wonder, “how could I not fall for him?”


I wrote this several weeks ago, but was waiting to post until we made it “official” that we were a couple. The more current details are coming in part 2 :).


~ by Shannon on September 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s A Love Story – Part 1”

  1. Woohoo! Waiting anxiously for Part 2!!

  2. I can’t wait for Part 2 !!! You two look cute together 🙂

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