I Love You THIS Much (1,967 miles worth)

A week ago today I was getting ready to load up my car, after shipping 2200 lbs of the stuff that is my life, and drive 1,967 miles across the country to be with the man I love. Let me tell you about it. First of all, we made the decision early on to sell my furniture and ship my belongings via the Greyhound Bus Package Express system (way cheap way to go I must say), so I had been trying to sell my furniture on Craig’s List for some weeks prior to the move. I had relative success. I also had several people try to scam me (welcome to Craig’s List) and one coworker, who shall of course remain nameless, tell me – assure me – that he was going to buy my bedroom set for his mom, so that I even turned someone else down, only to have him no show – 3 times. 😦 Yeah, I’m still a little pissed at him. But c’est la vie. Day of we are loading up our rented 10-ft U-haul to drop off the remaining furniture and garage sale items at a friend’s house (thank you Shawn!) to try to sell for me and then take my 60 boxes of stuff to Greyhound to ship. Joel quickly realizes that we are going to be in for 2 trips because there is no way all of that is going to fit in the truck at once. So we load a loveseat, bedroom set, dresser and secretary desk along with about 5 garbage bags full of random sale stuff, and all my shoe cubby’s and other random organizational things you buy at Target that are simply not worth shipping. This is a full truck load. In the process I only drop one piece of furniture on myself (I slipped my grip on the loveseat and have 2 lovely bruises on my thigh), but all is well!

We get all of that delivered and are back up to my apartment by 1pm – Did I mention we started all of this at 10 am where we told the U-haul people we’d for sure be done with the truck by 2pm? 🙂 So yeah, we’re not even close to done. So we finish up labeling the boxes only to realize they shorted us 10 labels. I call them to ask them what to do, and meanwhile we go buy more tape for the box Joel is building to encase my hope chest. They let us know that they have resent the labels – ALL of them – and that we need to relabel the boxes because now it has a different id number :(. Seriously?!? Yes. So, ok, we can do that as we unload them because at this point all but 10 boxes are loaded in the truck and there is no way we are taking them out again. Oh yeah, and did I mention that we no longer have internet or a printer at the apartment to print said labels? Yeah, the great people from Charter, who although they provide worst DVR service ever – do provide great customer service, have already come to pick up my modem. So it’s off to Kinkos to print new labels! By the time we get the labels printed and the rest of the boxes loaded it’s about 4:45 pm. We arrive at the Greyhound station at 5, and I kid you not, we are there for over 2 hours!!! There is only one lady working, and she has to weigh all the boxes (60 of them) and check people in all by herself. Joel totally helps her move them around inside the workroom as I relabel them before pulling them out of the truck. At the end of it all we have been there so long that the pickup order on one set of boxes has expired, and we have to call and request a new pickup. (Funny side note: the employee told me to call to request that, but then when I got on the phone the lady was like, “Are you the customer or the employee?” And I replied, “The customer.” “Why did she have you call me? Put the employee on the phone please?” So yeah there they were doing business on my cell phone, my minutes for something I should have never been involved with!) At this point I kind of have a mini meltdown. We are supposed to be at our friends’ house for dessert at 6:30, then I changed it to 7:30, then 8:00 and we still haven’t eaten dinner, and I am just about to loose it. I leave to go grab some food and by the time I’m back she is almost done (Praise Jesus!) and we leave by 7:45.

We make it to the Jackson’s by 8:15 still having not cleaned the apartment, but hey we’ve made it! We had a wonderful time hanging out and just having one last night together and them getting to meet Joel, and visa verse (does anyone really know how to spell that?). So by the time we get back to the apartment it is after 11 pm, and we still have to clean and load up the stuff that is going inside my tiny convertible with us and Molly. Somewhere around 2 am I have another meltdown. Joel is handling my meltdowns rather well (that’s just one reason why I love him <3), but at this point I am kind of an emotional wreck not to mention tired. But we get it all done, and we're all in the car by 3 am…there are no grocery stores open in Rancho at 3 am. We try 2 different ones, and finally find a 7-11 that's open where I stock up on some chips, water and 5-hour energy. By now I've gotten my second or third wind, and I am doing great, so I take the first leg of the trip (which ends up being the only one I drive – not for lack of volunteering though) so Joel can sleep.

Our first leg of the journey was to get to Raton, NM where my Dad and grandparents live. It was pretty uneventful. We wanted to stop at the Grand Canyon, but with our late start it just wasn't possible. 😦 So we arrived there at 8:45 pm Friday night. Joel met my Dad, Terri, Nan and Pop, and my Aunt Chrissy and everybody liked him :). By Saturday night we were up in Colorado Springs to meet all the peeps up there. Went to church that night and saw tons of people, enjoyed the service and went out with a few friends afterward. Sunday we spent the bulk of the day with my brother and his family. All his kids loved Joel (I knew they would), and by the end of the afternoon Brandon and Bonnie liked him too :). Then it was off to one more dinner with some other close friends and another late night. Monday we said our final goodbyes and made a quick stop at Garden of the Gods before getting on the road again.

Joel was quite the trooper and drove all the way from Colorado Springs to Collinsville, IL!!! Going through Kansas was quite the adventure though, let me tell you. We saw our first deer oh, sometime after midnight, just on the shoulder of the road. But then about 3 am there was another one right in the middle of the road. I saw it first and rather calmly, but aggressively said, "Deer! Deer!" Joel had to swerve hard to the right to avoid hitting it, but then in order for us not to go off the road, had to pull the car sharply back to the left, causing us to almost go into a spin. At this point Molly is starting to fly off my lap, so I grab her and hold her close thinking, "We are totally going to spin off into the ditch". But miraculously he is able to keep the car on the road and slide to a stop facing the right direction off the left shoulder of the road. We just sit there for a minute. Major adrenaline rush. Praise God for keeping us on the road and for not hitting the deer because there is no way we shouldn't have been in the ditch, and likely rolling the car in the process! We saw one more deer, a buck, but no more close calls. What's up with all the deer in Kansas?! We made it into town about 10 am Tuesday morning, said our hellos and went to take a much needed nap!

Since then I have been getting settled in at Joel's parent's house, which is where I'm staying for now and trying to start unpacking some things here at Joel's. We still have to pick up 17 more of my boxes, but so far everything has gotten here with only 2 broken mugs to report. It's rather cold here compared to the lovely, temperate California weather I am used to, but it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Molly is adjusting pretty good – she's still a little nervous, but I know she'll be fine. All in all it's a good thing. I'll post some pics of my new town soon, and as always keep you up to speed on my ever changing life!


~ by Shannon on November 5, 2009.

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