The Proposal

So I know I have been woefully overdue in blogging anything about my relationship with Joel or my new life in Collinsville, but that’s what happens when you go from casual friends to I’m moving half way across the country for you to engaged to having a wedding all in under 10 months! Crazy, huh?

Joel and I have been engaged since January 14 – his 30th birthday. And as we are only 36 days away from the wedding I’ve decided to start chronicling some of this :). My friend Pradeepan had the brilliant idea to start a 30-day Blogrimage (What is a blogrmiage you ask? It’s a chance for you to pick something to do for 30 days and blog about it everyday.) and I have decided to participate after a fashion. I have decided to blog about the last 36 days (random number, I know) leading up to the wedding. But first I wanted to include the story of the proposal for those who haven’t heard it yet.

So as I mentioned it was Joel’s birthday. We both had to work that day and were already planning on going to Joel’s favorite restaurant in St. Louis. So we drive over, and it’s this cute Irish pub where we have dinner. It wasn’t really busy, so it was a pretty intimate setting. Then we went over and sat in the bar to listen to the live Irish music, which was totally fun. It was all gazing into each other eyes, sharing bread pudding and listening to the music. Once we got back to the house, we were sitting in the living room, and Joel gets up saying “I have something I wrote I’ve been meaning to give you”. Ok. No big deal – this is a very Joel thing to do.

So he comes back downstairs with this letter and journal. I assume the letter was in the journal. So he sits down on the floor (I’m laying on the couch at this point), so we’re eye to eye and starts reading to me. This was a letter he wrote the night before I came out to visit, back in Sept., and in it he basically says he’s been waiting for his wife for so long, and in his heart he knows his wait is over. It was full of much more romantic sentiments and wonderfulness, but that’s the general message. I thought it was so beautiful and special, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

First, let me clarify. I knew he would be proposing soon, in fact I thought it would be that coming weekend, but I knew he was waiting on the ring to come in and the details to be finalized. Once he had finished reading the letter, he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised; I started crying. I, of course, said yes and in my excitement I didn’t even wait for him to put the ring on my finger – I totally just took it and put it on. It just seemed like the thing to do (I mean he was holding it out to me in his fingers, not a box or anything). Anyway… a few minutes later after the excitement died down a bit I did take the ring off and let him put it on me.

It was a very intimate, beautiful experience – not the rather grand buildup, where you know it’s coming, that I was expecting, but it was very us. Joel really felt there was something special about asking me on the day he turned 30 and entered into a new decade in his life, and I agree.

So here we are, just over 2 months later, with the wedding just over a month away. There is a lot to be said for planning a wedding in 3 months (although I did do somethings before), so I think this next month’s worth of blogs will be interesting, to say the least.


~ by Shannon on March 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Proposal”

  1. Hey Shannon! I didn’t realize that you were on the blogrimage too! It’s totally the perfect time since every-day leading up to the wedding will totally be memorable, exciting, and maybe a little crazy too. And you’ll be able to look back at it all when you’re finished. Brilliant!

    Looking forward to reading more posts.
    Love Katelyn

  2. Shannon, I am sooooo excited for you and excited for your Blogrimage, too! I will read every day! You and Joel’s relationship is so beautiful and I love hearing (reading) all about it. Can’t wait for what’s to come…
    P.S. Your ring is stunning!!

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