35 To Go…

Not too much happening today. I did make calls to dance studios about taking lessons for our first dance. Joel is not particularly keen on this idea, but since I REALLY want to do it he is going to. (Isn’t he just the greatest!) He’s not particularly fond of being the center of attention, but I just keep he telling him it’s our wedding day, we are the center of attention that day. So at least while we’re dancing we should look like we know what we are doing. Plus I have always dreamed about taking dance lessons and dancing with my husband.

On other notes I flagged pictures of flowers I like for my meeting with the flower lady on Monday. I’m doing all our flowers with my small army of helpers, and I met this great lady last Sunday who does flowers and weddings, and she’s going to meet with me, so I can pick her brain. Yay! Now if I can just figure out a way to keep what I want in the budget… 🙂

I also met with our friend, Heather, to talk about the ceremony since she is going to be our service coordinator. That all went well, so overall a good Friday. We are starting to paint the house (inside) tomorrow, so that will be an adventure! Talk to you soon.


~ by Shannon on March 19, 2010.

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