Day 34 – Painting Day!

So today was the first (of I’m sure many) painting days here at Joel’s house. Joel and I have rather differing tastes about decor, so there are quite a few (make that all but 2) rooms in the house that I want to repaint. However, I have made my list of priorities for what I want to get done before the wedding to have a somewhat realistic picture of what we can hope to accomplish. Today was working on the bedroom, bathroom and up-stairs hallway. We had picked out colors a few months ago, but hadn’t looked at them much since, so when we went to Home Depot last night to get them mixed up, we hadn’t seen them in awhile. All seemed to be fine. Then we started painting. We were immediately concerned when the pinkish white I picked started looking quite pink and the lavender accent color made it all the more so. Neither of us want a pink bedroom! So we quickly decided to ditch the lavender (more like a smokey plum) as an accent and see what the pinkish color looked like after it dried. Turns out it looks fine (whew!), and we are going to use a cool gray as an accent instead.

We got the bedroom walls painted  – except the accent walls, all the trim in the bedroom done, the hallway & stairwell trim done, the hallway primed, the doors painted and the wainscoting in the bathroom painted (a cool sage green for Joel). We only have the upper half of the bathroom walls, the bathroom trim, the hallway and stairwell, and the little bedroom walls and trim to do and the upstairs will be done! 😉

But I’m happy with what we got done today, and except for our cat Aiden rubbing up against the wet paint and needing an immediate bath, all went very well. Our wrists hurt and we’re pretty tuckered out, but all in all a good day! We finished the day out watching “The Breakfast Club” for the first time (yep, neither one of us had seen it – crazy, right?). Now it’s a little bit of Harry before calling it a night.


~ by Shannon on March 20, 2010.

One Response to “Day 34 – Painting Day!”

  1. Wow, very ambitious painting so close to your wedding day! I commend you! I barely had the energy to pack up my apartment before my wedding. We’re actually just buying the paint for house today – that’s almost one year after moving in! I love hearing about your journey, Shannon, thanks for sharing it! Love you!

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