Baby Steps to April 24th

Yesterday was a much needed day of rest after our painting adventure. We went and saw Alice In Wonderland, worked on our premarital counseling book and then watched a movie. All in all a restful day.

Today I jumped into the week ready to tackle a myriad of tasks and have gotten some of them done so far. I called our caterer for the rehearsal dinner to have her put together a proposal for us, and I met with a lady we were introduced to at Joel’s brother’s church when we were there a few weeks ago for his niece’s dedication. She is a wedding coordinator and does wedding flowers, so I was talking to her about ideas, questions, etc. It was all good for the first hour, and then I really started to fade. She is one of those people that can just talk and talk and talk 🙂 and wants to tell you all her stories. She’s very pleasant, but I wasn’t feeling really well, and I just wanted to lay down for a bit, so the last hour (yes, I was with her for 2 hours!) was a bit tedious.

I do feel really good about my decision to do my own flowers though, and I feel very well researched for everything we are going to be creating. Plus I have a great team of creative people helping me, so it’s going to be awesome. I’m going to go to the flower mart in St. Louis sometime in the next week or so and start checking out what I want because it’s so much better to see things live than just online or in photographs.

Baby steps to April 24th is our new mantra ;). We hit the just-over-a-month mark, and we were both like, OK we’re ready to be married! Thank goodness for short engagements. Although on the flip side they are WAY more stressful in the planning, even for someone like me who knows what she wants and is extremely organized. I’m feeling very blessed that I’ve not had to work the last few weeks; it has helped me get so much done and feel so much more at peace!

And I have to give Joel a shout out, because he is my rockstar. He is such a strength to me and knows how to calm me down and bring balance and truth to me in this stressful time. I could not ask for anyone else because he is sensitive beyond compare, so gracious, full of strength and pretty much they guy every girl wants to marry. I love you baby!


~ by Shannon on March 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Baby Steps to April 24th”

  1. Own flowers, eh? I wouldn’t be able to do that. Well done.

  2. Congrats on getting married… and way to do your own flowers! Awesome 🙂

  3. sounds like things are coming together! i like your shout out to your husband to be! you two seem great together.

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