30 Days and Counting

Well what a day today was! Not much happened yesterday – I had an interview for a merchandising job with Hanes Brands. I’m not really looking for a job right now, with all the upcoming travel planned, but this sort of fell in my lap, so I’m seeing where it goes. Could be really great – could be totally lame, hard to say at this point ;).

Ok, so started the day off with a little reading and after my shower decided to start some laundry since the underwear situation is approaching critical. At Joel’s parents’ house, where I am staying, the laundry is down in the basement. Now the basement door is kept shut when LeeAnn is not home because of Caden, the psycho kitten, so in an effort to keep him down there I always pull the door shut behind me when I know he is supposed to be locked in. I throw in the laundry and head upstairs to find that Caden’s pawing at the door to be let out, has caused the loose door handle to fall off on this side. I try to find something to open the door with – no avail.

I remember that there is a storm door that I can open. Now it requires me to go up dark steps and reach up into darkness where all kinds of spiders can be lurking, but I have to get out of the basement! So I do it. I get outside and remember that I locked the kitchen door after I let Molly out this morning. So now I’m outside (in the rain, mind you), but I still can’t get in the upstairs. I go back into the basement and ponder what to do. I try the door again; yep, not going to open. Then I think, a ha! I can use the computer. And those of you who have been on Facebook today will I’m sure have seen my succession of “Help me” postings. I know Joel gets my status updates sent to his phone, so I send out the call for help. He gets it, but has no car, so he has to walk over to the house (fortunately he works close to their house).

In the mean time I decide I should shut the storm door. Go I go pull it shut – thereby shutting out all the outside light, and as I’m walking down the stairs I totally miss the last one (because I can’t see!), twist my ankle, and fall on my butt..and hand – which gets all scraped up. At this point my funny little adventure is kind of a drag because I’m in pain. However, Joel arrives to rescue me shortly thereafter and all is well.

At this point I have totally lost 3o or so minutes to “throwing my clothes in the washer” and am still in wet hair with no makeup on. So I finish getting ready, switch out my laundry (being sure to take my phone with me this time!) and head out to face the day, which is the afternoon at this point. 🙂

I had a second phone interview – went well I think; we’ll see. Called about Joel’s suit – it came in, but the jacket is too tight through the biceps (he’s just too buff!), so we need to exchange it. Then I looked outside where, low and behold, there was our stage for the ceremony – built to utterly beautiful perfection by the amazing Tony Galloway! (By the way, he did this is 3 days! Can anyone say, Rockstar?!) Another fun surprise was a wedding gift in the mail. I love getting gifts in the mail – it is so much fun! I should maybe let Joel open some, but I can never wait. I figure I’ll let him open a lot of the gifts we get at the actual wedding :).

I then proceeded to record the RSVPs that came in, as I do every day, when I was hit by the advertising on the home page of The Knot:  Bridal Handbags. I need a bridal handbag! So I start browsing. And bridal handbags leads naturally into other bridal accessories, like jewelry. Now, originally I thought I’d just go with earrings because I’m wearing a rather fancy tiara, but when I tried it on the other day, and the last time I had my gown fitting, I thought to myself “I think this needs a necklace”. So I thought, why not start looking for necklaces and see if anything catches my eye.

That was 3 hours ago…at least.

I’ve lost track of time. I was just going to hop online really quick to check things, and then go do the dishes and maybe do some painting today. Yeah, that is NOT going to happen :). My new goal is to tape off the trim in the living room while watching Grey’s (I mean we do have to have our priorities ;)) and then talk to my best friend, and amazing maid-of-honor, Christina.

Much love everybody! And for fun give me your vote on which necklace set you like better:


~ by Shannon on March 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “30 Days and Counting”

  1. I like the first one the best… not that I don’t like the bigger necklaces. I just like the shape of the first one better. What about calling me, your other friend. LOL! Love you! I am sorry you had such a hard day.

  2. You know which one I like better…the first one, definitely.

  3. Well it’s unanimous! And on the positive side, it’s the less expensive of the two. Win-win!

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