A Month of February or a Stint in Rehab Left

On Saturday it was 28 days till the wedding, and Joel looks at me and says, “it’s only a month of February away” :). It only took a split second to realize he meant the number of days left and not the actual month ;). And when I saw 28 days on the countdown I thought of that movie with Sandra Bullock. So there you have it.

Now today we are down to 27 and in the past 2 days we have made much forward progress on getting stuff ready. We did some more painting – a lot more. Joel’s brother, Josh, came and did  some on Friday. His initial painting caused us to realize the color I had picked for the living room, Manhattan Mist (a pretty cool grey) did not look good, as it showed all the imperfections in the wall – of which there are many, since it is an old house. So we switched to a lovely olivy green, Olvine – and it is BEAUTIFUL! I love it, way more than I thought I would. Joel of course loves it too – it’s green! We also got the upstairs hallway painted this amazing grey blue that we love. And the bathroom is a beautiful brightness of yellow and soft green.

Our downstairs bathroom is completely de-wallpapered, thanks to Ashley 🙂 and now in need of some serious help since we discovered their was little to no plaster on the wall underneath it. But we planned on doing this cool textured thing anyway, so all is well. We also got some of the downstairs hallway and the stairwell painted.

LeeAnn (Joel’s mom) has been a rockstar working in the yard these past 2 weeks, it is looking so much better. And just today she and Roger (Joel’s dad) cleaned out our basement – it was a scary ladybug graveyard and spider habitation! My mom has been coming down every weekend to help too, so we have been so blessed!

Today has been a much needed day of rest before we hit the ground running again next week.


~ by Shannon on March 28, 2010.

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