Wedding Tips With 19 Days To Go!

With a mere 19 days to go every day feels like a momentous to-do list :). Even though things really are getting done and I’m usually feeling pretty peaceful (except for when I stay awake from 1:00-4:00 am thinking about everything and worrying that it won’t all come together). Some major items we got taken care of in the last few days are: finding and ordering my wedding band – at first we weren’t sure we were going to get one because my engagement ring is so spectacular on its own, but then I realized I really wanted one. So then we found one at the store for $500+ (yikes!), so I found a comparable one online, but then when we went to get it – it was gone L. So then I had to find ANOTHER one, but I did – and for cheaper than the first! Win. Wedding Tip #1: always shop around for your jewelry. The markups are crazy, you really can find the same things at price points that are $100s different in price.

I had my final fitting today. My dress fits perfectly. Wedding Tip #2: when wearing a strapless dress you want to make sure it fits you snugly around your waist. That’s how it’s going to stay on – because contrary to popular opinion they are not held up by your boobs. I also decided that I needed to start breaking in my wedding shoes today (a fabulous pair of purple satin flats!). Wedding Tip #3: always break in your shoes before the big day, so you don’t get blisters half way through! Joel started breaking his in on Sunday – they looked very dapper.

My other ongoing task is trying to desperately collect RSVPs. I’m going to complain for a minute. How hard is it to check yes or no on a postcard and throw it in the mail – there’s already a stamp on it! Ok, I’m done. Wedding Tip #4.1: ALWAYS RSVP, it is the courteous thing to do. Wedding Tip #4.2: Request your guests to RSVP within two weeks after mailing your invites, that way you have time to track down all the stragglers before having to create your seating chart – a dilemma I am currently facing. And I have it pretty easy because I could basically decline 90% of my guests since I knew they wouldn’t be able to make the trip!

I’ve also gotten some more house stuff done. I cleaned the floorboards in my dressing room and was vacuuming the edges before painting when I hit my head on the corner of the shelf above the radiator. 😦 I have a slightly ‘S’ shaped scratch across my forehead. It hurt so bad!! If any of you are Heroes fans, it looks like the symbol that was big in season 2… It should be fine by the wedding; Neosporin in my friend!

Last tidbit is that I started tanning. I was going back and forth about whether to do it or not because I kind of like stunning porcelain look of white skin and dark hair – kind of Anne Hathaway style. But then I was like, I look a little like a ghost in my white dress, so I decided to go for it. Wedding Tip #5: if you are going to tan make sure you start early so you can go slow and not be burned for your wedding/honeymoon. That one is kind of a no-brainer, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway.


~ by Shannon on April 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Wedding Tips With 19 Days To Go!”

  1. You will be so glad you got a wedding band. We decided not to get one because my ring is awesome – but then once we were married I was so sad that I didn’t get one!! John ended up buying a band for me on our first anniversary and I love it!!

    • Thanks Kymberly! I’m glad to know that – at first I was like, I don’t really care, but the closer it got the more I wanted one. It came in last week – perfect, small enough not to compete with the engagement ring but nicely complimentary.

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