In 13 Days

In 13 days I’m getting married…in 13 days I join myself with my best friend…in 13 days we’re having a celebration…in 13 days my life is changed forever…in 13 days I’m going to have the happiest day of my life…a mere 13 days.

Things are coming together quite nicely. Almost all the items I’ve ordered have come in – round two of Joel’s suit totally fits! And we got my wedding band in – it’s lovely. I got the flowers ordered on Friday. If you have the talent (or a good friend who does) it is definitely the more economical way to go – particularly if you want tons of them, like I do. I can’t wait to put them all together! I love to be creative that way.

We’ve made major progress on the house this week too. Mom took on texturing the bathroom, which was quite the process. Because the house is so old, some of the walls are not drywall and therefore the mud wasn’t sticking properly and then it was bubbling up on under layers of wallpaper. But she got it done this morning! Way to go mom! The painting is really almost done. And the yard looks amazing. Lee Ann & Roger have made it look wonderful. So all in all I’m feeling really good about where things are.

I took both mom and Lee Ann dress shopping this week – success on both counts. All in all a good week. One more before D-day week 🙂


~ by Shannon on April 11, 2010.

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