The Wedding is in 10 Days!

It hit me again last night that in 10 days I’m getting married. It’s the day I’ve been waiting for and dreaming about pretty much my whole life – and especially in the last 10 years. And in 10 days it’s happening. And no matter what happens on that day, what has or hasn’t gotten done, what the weather’s like (although it’s looking really good!), no matter what I will be married. Mrs. Shannon Conner. Doesn’t it sound nice? 🙂

But until then there are of course still things to be done. Today was sewing day. I made purple satin shawls for my bridesmaids. However, I wasn’t doing a very good job measuring them out, and I ended up with 3 different lengths – with the shortest one being about 18 inches shorter than the longest ones. Not ideal. But in the words of Tim Gunn I made it work 😉 . Tomorrow I’m hoping to get my textured walls sanded and some of my stuff moved over here – I’m trying to take it in little trips. We’ll see how it goes!

I would write more, but I’m incredibly tired and there is a kitchen full of dishes that I really should do something with. Oh how I wish I had a dishwasher 🙂 . But no matter – good night!


~ by Shannon on April 14, 2010.

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